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[15 Nov 2010|08:30am]
Who still uses LJ? not necessarily updating it, just reading it from time to time.
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Happy Birthday. [11 Jan 2010|11:13am]
Today would be my mother's 61st birthday.
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How did I not make this post sooner [05 Nov 2009|03:14pm]
[ mood | okay ]

Classes for next semester. Here's what I'd like to take:

ANTH 413: Language and Society | MW 4:30pm-5:50pm
KINE 175: Weight Training | TR 10am-10:50am
RELG 340: Roman Catholicism since 1800 | TR 3:30pm-4:50pm
ANTH 495: Honors Thesis

So that right there is 10 credits. Clearly I need to add more. I am considering...

ANTH 342: People and Cultures of East Asia | TR 11am-12:20pm
ANTH 470: The Anthropology of Texts (Senior Seminar) | W 9am-11:50am
ENGL 307: Phonetics and Phonology | TR 12:30pm-1:50pm
KINE 154: Kayaking | T 2pm-3:50 pm

If you get as excited about course scheduling as I do, plus want to offer helpful advice
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Asian Festival [31 Jul 2009|01:32pm]
[ mood | indifferent ]

I'm probably going to this tomorrow:

Asian Festival
Aug. 1st, Reston, VA

A two-day FREE cultural event to promote a greater understanding of Asian countries and cultures to the general public. The Asian Festival has grown into a huge success over the years by attracting attendees from all over the D.C. Metro area and beyond.

Each participating Asian country has an opportunity to share its’ unique music, cultural performances, food, fashion, handicrafts, and other products. Asian festival has blended together trade opportunities, product marketing, cultural displays, tennis and other sporting events.

Features at least 30 authentic Asian food vendors, traditional Asian performances on 3 separate stages, and more than 80 multicultural retail stores. Each year, one Asian country us selected as the ‘show-casing’ country and this year, it is India.

Also: http://dc.about.com/od/specialevents/a/AsianFestival.htm

In case anyone wants to join. It's kind of a business/pleasure thing, I'm going to do thesis research while I'm there, yippee.

This new "detect" button by the location bar says that I'm in Warrenton.

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Thesis Survey [17 Jul 2009|03:26pm]
Just a brief informal survey to help me decide something about my thesis research. This won't be quoted in my paper.

Poll #1431154 For my thesus

I consider a place that serves only carryout to be a restaurant


A restaurant should have space to sit down and eat your meal.


The following constitute restaurants:

Fast-food place
Fast-food drive thru
Hotdog stand
Food court

EDIT: Oops. Spelled it as "thesus" :D
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Camping/Hiking Trip [07 Jun 2009|12:07pm]
Hey everyone,

Ben Oliver and I are planning a camping/hiking trip for the weekend of July 10-12 (Fri-Sun). Tentatively we're thinking of going to a place in GW National Forest, but if anyone has any other suggestions, we're open to it.

If you're interested in joining, leave a comment. Logistics will be figured out soon!
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PSA na naman [11 May 2009|01:46am]
I'm not coming back to the U.S. on May 13.

atsaka di ko pa alam kung kailan.
And I don't know when yet.
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Sup guys, news [08 May 2009|08:31am]

So I'm coming back to the U.S. on May 13.
19-HOUR FLIGHT INCLUDING LAYOVERS BABY. I was going to say thank God for traveling East to West, but isn't the Philippines part of the East--whatever! I will cease to live in the future anymore.

I should be ready to play a few days after I get back, or if at the least people want to hang out while I get over jetlag, that'd be cool too.

Importantly - I'd really like to go to W&M's graduation on May 17, and I'm not really sure how to make this happen. Will anyone be driving from Northern VA?

That's it for now. Later I'm sure I'll have some teary reflective post about the Phils, but for now, just your regular PSA.
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I Finally Did It [22 Mar 2009|11:18am]
Well. I caved. I made a foodie blog.

Accessible via LJ: http://mmm-sarap.livejournal.com/
Accessible via Blogspot: http://halozonac.blogspot.com/ (this is an old blog for an Asian American studies class, but I like the name too much to let it go)

Add if you want, I always appreciate input. It's mostly going to be the weird stuff I find while researching (like a previous entry here when I was ranting about Ilocanos' weird tastes for bitter stuff like papaet). And it's not just on Philippine/Asian food, but of course that'll be the focus for the next few months.
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Peacing Out [12 Nov 2008|11:23pm]
[ mood | indescribable ]

Hey all,

In 6 hours, I'm getting on a plane to New York, then a plane to Hong Kong, then a plane to MANILA!!!

I'll be back the evening of May 13, 2009. Until I figure out how often I can access the internet, consider this the last goodbye!

This is surrender
To a war-torn life I've lived.
Scars and stripes forever
In need of change I can't resist.

No need to hide anything anymore.
Can't return to who I was before.

I can finally breathe.
Suddenly alive.
I can finally move.
The world feels revived.

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More Adventures of Amanda and Anita [26 May 2008|01:52pm]
[ mood | calm ]

Anita and I are going to get two Pomeranians and name them Candace Bushnell and Chuck Palahniuk.
all downhill from thereCollapse )

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GUYS [22 Dec 2007|11:29pm]
I apologize.
Anita hacked into my LJ and made the last two entries.
I still like boys.
And holding hands with them at ice skating rinks and stuff.
Merry Christmas.

PS: But Anita and I got into a cat fight at a bar and it was kind of funny.
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[22 Dec 2007|03:48am]
I'm a lesbian
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[22 Jul 2007|12:27am]
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Annnouncement [19 Jul 2007|10:29am]
[ mood | hopeful ]

Hopefully will be discharged today.

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Good Morning to ALL! [04 Mar 2007|01:14am]
WAHHHHHHHHHHH! I'm Manda Andrei! I like chocolate swans and I'm a wonderful friend.

<3ssss I am greatly loved by Megan Ammirati
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is the disco infiltrator fo sho [03 Mar 2007|05:54pm]
This weekend I've already found out that the only thing better than finding little birds with broken wings is playing catch with them. Birdies make such cute noises when you dropkick them! I love little birdies!

And the adventure continues...

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Because I Rarely Do These [29 Nov 2006|11:51am]
[ mood | stressed ]

And because finals are coming up and it's nice to have some words of encouragement.

Comment with your favorite memory of us.

Now onto to studying!

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YOOOOO [22 Sep 2006|07:51pm]
I am totally Manda, and totally not a hypocrite when it comes to keeping LJ accounts logged in all the time on other people's computers. I go nuts when certain people pronounce Tagalog the way it looks and enjoy eating instant pad thai.

Also: [wait, I shouldn't post that piece of information]
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Happy Birthday!!!! [19 Jul 2006|09:17am]
[ mood | good ]

Happy 17th Jeewon!!!!!!!!! We're now the same age. And you're probably now COMPLETELY LEGAL for Spain. I hope your birthday is filled with lots of Asiany goodness.

Happy 18th Megan!!!!!!!!!! Now you're almost completely legal for America. :P I hope your birthday is filled with lots of stars and comets and stuff like that.

I couldn't decide whether to use my icon with either of you, so I just opted for Love Actually.

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